Streaming is competitive, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let everyone else get the views.

Streaming is competitive, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let everyone else get the views.

Alex Pickett
Alex Pickett

November 30, 2022

Streaming is competitive, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let everyone else get the views.

In order to stay competitive in streaming, you’re going to have to make your stream unique. Some people use third party plugins, while others go so far as to use recorders (yes, the instrument) as their controller. Here are a few tips for you to blast off your content to the right audience!

Tip #1: Make your stream interactive

When we say “interactive”, what we mean is make it so that your viewers feel like they’re playing right along with you. This can be anything from Twitch predictions, third-party tools, or mini-games to play when you need a break from your regular content. Tangia offer a wide range of interaction methods such as Memes on Stream, AI TTS, AI TTS sharing, generative AI, and much more!
Twitch predictions are a great way to involve your stream and reward them channel points for correctly guessing what will happen on stream. At the same time, mini-games do a great job of letting your viewers actually play games with you, whether it be Marbles or Words on Stream, games are a wonderful way to effectively engage your stream.
Third-party tools like Nightbot or Tangia are great easy-to-use tools that will have your chat popping off and your content more engaging in no time. Nightbot is a chat bot for stream that not only auto-moderates your stream, but has a ton of cool features like Timers, Song Requests, and more. Tangia (that’s us!) is a super cool tool that lets streamers sell real-time interactions to their content, meaning your viewers get to actually control the stream! From text-to-speech with cartoon voices to in-game Minecraft interactions, Tangia is sure to be a fan-favorite. Keep reading for a bonus list of some of our other favorite interactive tools!

Tip #2: Be your unique self

No one wants to watch a robot on stream (unless you’re a robot vTuber, then maybe this doesn’t apply to you), so you need to make sure you’re expressing yourself! This can mean a lot of different things to different people, but really just showcase your interests and personality and you’ll begin to attract folks that resonate with you. Engaging with your chat is a great first step, as it lets you feel like you’re having a conversation with someone, all while building trust with your community. Next you’ll want to customize your stream to fit your brand and personality: you can do this through your stream overlays, Twitch panels, and even the language you use on your channel.
Finally, just be yourself! People will feel refreshed that you’re just streaming what you love and sharing it with others, and the more you let your quirky, unique self shine through, the more people are going to notice.

Tip #3: Always have a game plan

You know what’s worse than watching ads on Twitch? Watching a streamer load into Minecraft for five minutes, or set up their OBS for another ten minutes. The point is: don’t wing it! Having a plan on what to do before you stream is instrumental in your ability to stick out from others.
Hell, the most successful streamers put out a weekly schedule to their stream to not only hold themselves accountable, but to let the stream know exactly what’s going on on any given day. If you’re a variety streamer, this is so important, as sometimes viewers don’t want to watch a certain game, and having them join your stream and immediately leave hurts your stream in Twitch’s algorithm (all hail the mighty algorithm). Try and set goals for yourself - certain number of streams per week on certain days, and make it consistent! If you’re streaming three days a week on different days every week, folks can’t work you into their schedules.
If you don’t have your stream set up before you start, then you’ll also have a ton of people leaving while you are figuring your stuff out, which again, will not help you in the algorithm. Make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t waste your time or other people’s time on stream, we promise your viewers will appreciate it!
So those are some tips for you on keeping your stream unique. If you liked what you read, make sure to give it the ol’ share on your socials - and if you have your own tips to add, leave a comment. Here at Tangia, we’re all about making better content, so the chance to learn something new is always something we look forward to! Also check out our article on 7 more tools to help out with your stream! ‍
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