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Viewer Creativity Unleashed

Give your chat the tools to create content with you.

Better TTS, TikTok Share, and more allow your viewers to engage and make clips that stand out.

Chaotic Gaming Sessions

Enable viewers to mix up your game and create moments to remember.

With chat controlling the game chaos is imminent, and fun guaranteed.

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Create streams that get chat involved

Tactical Nuke
Spawns an explosion with enough power to destroy an entire village. They get 20 a second warning!
Winnie the Pooh TTS
Let Winnie the Pooh read your message on stream!
Draw on Stream
Draw on top of the stream. That's right, you can draw what ever you want...
Fight Club
Put the player into a bedrock box and force them to fight waves of mobs. If they survive, they receive an epic prize!
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Give viewer's contributions value beyond financial support. With Tangia, viewers buy entertaining experiences from you.

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Streamers get 80%
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Streamers of all sizes use Tangia to make highly engaging streams.
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The site is so easy to customize and has such a huge variety of interactions that my only feedback is that it's fantastic... so far it's just pure joy and fun (and geez it definitely can turn a few bucks)


I just did 3.5 hours on stream and it went by so fast. It was awesome. Love this Tangia Minecraft.


Was super super fun... big things coming for Tangia 1000% 📈 ❤️


Getting interaction with the chat and the community has brought a whole new fun aspect to Minecraft... Shoutout to Tangia for making this game fun again.


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