Better Alerts

Mix and mash all of Tangia to create
alerts better than ever before


As simple as it gets:

Select one of many triggers to start your alert

Add conditions to for anything about the trigger, like number of gifted subs to a certain sub tier

Meet the Better Alerts components:



Select any trigger to kick off your alert. Use Twitch triggers, Tangia triggers, and more!



So alerts only fire for specific triggers, like a number of gifted subs, or a specific sub tier.



Mix and mash all of Tangia. Run interactions together, or after each other, however you want!

Better Actions for Better Alerts:

splineSpline Scenes

Full support for making 3D animated alerts with Spline.

We pass in all of the trigger properties as variables, so you can make amazing alerts

Learn more

Custom iFrame support

We set add all of the trigger properties as query parameters.

Use existing alerts, or make fully custom ones.

Learn more

And all the classics from Tangia

Use nearly all of Tangia to power your alerts

Level up your
streams with Tangia!
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