Make better Twitch content with these 7 tools

Make better Twitch content with these 7 tools

Alex Pickett
Alex Pickett

November 30, 2022

Here at Tangia, we’re all about streaming - and making sure you’ve got everything you need to have the best stream experience possible is literally our job. From engagement to aesthetics, these eight tools will make your stream stand out from the crowd!


In order to stream, you’re going to need some of the best streaming software: and that’s where Streamlabs comes in. From their easy-to-use yet comprehensive dashboard to their stream customization and cross-stream options, Streamlabs is the best option out there for streamers new and pro. Their all-in-one platform has you going live in minutes, and with cloud storage you never have to worry about losing VODs again! The StreamLabs Leaderboard is a great addition to StreamLabs - this super customizable leaderboard lives as a panel on your Twitch channel, so anyone who visits your page can see your top supporters. You can set the leaderboard by bits, subs, donations, and so much more, adding a level of engagement to your stream that helps motivate your viewers to support you and your career!


We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least tell you about one of TechCrunch’s favorite YC companies from 2022: Tangia. Tangia is an all-in-one monetization platform for streamers, enabling you to directly monetize your audience by selling real time interactions to your content! This means your audience can donate directly to you in order to interact with you directly. It creates amazing content opportunities that you can easily clip and upload to TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else you might post your content! Sign up for an account here to try it out with Minecraft!

Twitch Tracker

Looking for a great tool to give you direct feedback on your streams? Twitch Tracker gives you information on your average viewers per stream, monetization insights, and high-level stats on your streams from the last month! You can take information from your best streams and know what works and doesn’t work - so you’re always on the same page with your viewers. The tool is free to use, and with a lot of stats and functionality, it’s no wonder it’s one of our favorite tools for streamers.


Nightbot is a Twitch chat bot that is so much more than a chat bot! With an all-in-one dashboard that gives you serious analytics and easy access to host contests, giveaways, and so much more all while you’re streaming live. Nightbot was built for streamers to be able to configure and update anything they need, all without interrupting the stream! The bot will even moderate your stream for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Nightbot isn’t the only chatbot out there, so if you have another chatbot you like be sure to use it! Just the addition of a chatbot will engage your stream to a whole new level!


StreamBee is a must-have when it comes to stream analytics and metrics - they literally take data from your stream (clipped moments, leave/join rates, etc.) and give you easy to consume metrics and suggestions on how you can stream even better! Moreover, they have an amazing tool that lets you see clipped moments from stream and review them to create your own content for TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Their actionable tips give you real insights into how you can optimize your stream, and create more engaging content every time you get behind your keyboard.

Stream Closed Captioner

Looking for an easy way to make your stream accessible to more viewers? Stream Closed Captioner is a super easy-to-use overlay for your OBS that will use artificial intelligence to caption your stream for your viewers. This helps make your stream accessible to those that are hard-of-hearing while also allowing anyone to watch your stream, even if they’re in a quiet place!

Snap Camera

This is a fun little extension to your stream that adds Snapchat filters to your camera, allowing you a long list of AR camera filters. This is really just a cosmetic extension, but we feel it lets you express yourself however you want, and is fun to have on the stream so you can connect more with your viewers.‍

Voice Clipper

Voice clipper allows you to capture stream clips with voice activated commands and it is totally free. Now the action never has to stop, and you'll never miss an epic moment. So save hours on editing and sign up for voice clipper.
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