Tangia Raises $1.2M to Change the Future of Interactive Streaming

Tangia Raises $1.2M to Change the Future of Interactive Streaming

Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman

October 18, 2022

Coming out of the YC S22 batch, I’m excited to share that in early September we raised a $1.2M round to fundamentally change how streamers and their viewers engage live! This brings our funding to a total of $2.1M to date, and gives us fuel to power the next generation of engaging live content. This round includes many VCs and angels such as Fresco, Pioneer Fund, Y Combinator, Goodwater, Oasis Capital, BBQ Capital, and more. We’re excited to partner with investors that have experience as founders themselves.

Why we made Tangia 🍊

Gaming and streaming have been fundamental parts of Alex's and my childhood. We played everything, on every platform, and followed every creator. With the rise of the massive creator economy we saw some major problems that had yet to be properly addressed:
  1. Creators had limited tools beyond chat to interact with their audience. Everything else is either gimmicky or saturated
  1. Creators were getting haircuts on platform takes of transactions and ads
  1. Viewers LOVE to interact with streamers, but getting their attention is really hard in the dumpster-fire that chat has become
To address this, we set out to build the ultimate tool for live streamers that enabled them to increase engagement, offer novel interactions, and directly engage their viewers with a fair rev share (80%).
Through this process we’ve made tools that fundamentally change the way that streamers and viewers interact. Whether it be putting your favorite streamer in a Minecraft fight club, having Duke Nuke em explain how to properly perform an autopsy, or drawing a…. you know… on someone’s face on stream, viewers and streamers are now interacting and engaging to levels never seen before.

The Future of Tangia 🚀

Tangia surely doesn’t stop at Minecraft fight club, AI TTS, or drawing on stream. Tangia has a LOT of ways we can empower streamers to create the next generation of live content, and we look forward to working together with outstanding streamers to build this future. ‍
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