Introducing Custom TTS and Custom AI Image Generation

Introducing Custom TTS and Custom AI Image Generation

Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman

December 22, 2022

As part of our never ending quest to build tools that give streamers the most unique content possible, and involve their audiences in the content creation, we’re excited to announce two new Tangia interactions: Custom TTS and Custom AI Image Generation.
These come as part of the new Tangia Partner Program (better name WIP) that enable our most enthusiastic creators to put their content creation on a level that no other streamers on Twitch have.

Custom TTS

After getting a recording of a script from you, we create a life-like AI-synthesized text to speech model just for your stream.
Watch as Techsmith314’s chat loses it’s mind over it’s release.

Custom AI Image Generation

We have the streamer take ~50 images of themselves and we train them a custom DreamBooth model that allows chat to synthesize custom images of the streamer to be shared live.
This takes content creation to an entirely new level, as the streamer and chat can laugh and cry at the hilarious interpretations of chat’s prompts.
This is just the beginning of our journey with generative AI and live streaming.
Our goal at Tangia is the build the greatest content creation tools that engage chat like nothing else in the world, and our Custom TTS and Custom AI Image Gen programs are a single stepping stone on this epic journey. ‍
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