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Tangia Community

Alex Pickett
Alex Pickett

December 6, 2023

We are very excited to announce that the Tangia Community is now live!
The Tangia Community is a collection of community-created interactions, designed for everyone on the Tangia platform. Whether you're looking for some fresh memes or want to share your own, we've got you covered!
The Tangia Community allows for a much broader range of content that covers many more meme genres than what we typically offer. You can check out community interactions now by heading to the 'Interactions' tab and clicking 'Add Interaction.' There, you'll find a new section labeled 'Community,' where all the community creations are showcased!
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Once an interaction is shared and approved by us, every Tangia streamer will be able to add that interaction to their interaction library. As the original creator of an interaction, you're get more than just recognition. You'll earn 10% of the REP generated every time your interaction is used by others. This is an incredible opportunity to earn Tangia REP passively, without the need to stream. Imagine the potential as your interaction gains popularity across the platform!
We are very excited to see what kind of content you create and are even more excited to expand and grow the content available. And if you need help creating interactions check out this little guide below :)

Making Interactions from Scratch

This is a guide taken from the Tangia knowledge base - you can read the full thing here.
  1. Head to runwayml and upload the raw footage of the meme you want to green screen out
  1. Use the runwayml Green Screen tool to rotoscope your content
  1. Set the runway Canvas to 800x800 and export your green screened meme
  1. Download the green screened meme from runwayml
  1. Head to the Tangia Interactions page and create a new custom interaction
  1. Use the custom interaction creator to make the background transparent
  1. Publish and share it to the Tangia Community Library
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Please let us know how we can make the Tangia Community better by shooting us a message on Twitter AKA X!
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