Tangia Pass

Tangia Pass

Alex Pickett
Alex Pickett

November 8, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that the Tangia Pass is officially live! The Tangia Pass is a dynamic reward system lets you earn Tangia REP and as you level up with Tangia REP unlock exclusive Tangia features. You can earn Tangia REP by receiving interactions via bits/tokens. Features that can be unlocked through the Tangia Pass include Twitch alerts, subscriber discounts, extra AI TTS model slots, over to 200,000 channel point TTS characters, and much more!
All features that were limited to Tangia+ users are now unlockable through the Tangia Pass.
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Tangia+ is still available, but it now will just increase your current Tangia Pass level to which still incudes all of the features that the old Tangia+ system had. Tangia+ is also now only $9.99. *If you have the $19.99 Tangia+ pass you can keep that subscription and you will receive double the REP boost and will level up twice as much.

Clear Paths to Affiliate and Partner

The Tangia Pass also lays out a very clear path to Tangia Affiliate and Tangia Partner. Partners and affiliates will receive unique perks and are often first to receive novel Tangia features, and custom Tangia experiences.

Tangia Pass Going Forward

Consider this initial release just a taste of what's in store, we are going to continue to add tons of features that can be unlocked and ways to level up like playing Tangia Minecraft, Ascendant, sharing funny Tangia moments on social media, participating in Tangia events, contributing to the Tangia community, and many more other ways. Tangia Pass Leveling will not be limited to just Bit/Token transactions.
The Tangia Pass gives us the foundation to experiment with wild new features that aren’t limited to just interactions while giving streamers who champion Tangia ways to get access to awesome features and cutting edge technology without having pay for a monthly subscription. We are beyond excited to see the potential the Tangia Pass unlocks for creators! If you want to continue this conversation or have any feedback let us know on Twitter
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