Growing Your Twitch Channel with Partnerships

Growing Your Twitch Channel with Partnerships

Alex Pickett
Alex Pickett

January 19, 2023

Growing Your Twitch Channel with Partnerships

There are many reasons that partnerships are a great way to grow your Twitch channel. First, partnerships give you access to a wider range of tools and resources that can help you expand your audience and monetize your content. Second, they , partnerships can help you build relationships with other creators and communities on the platform, which can lead to cross-promotion and other opportunities. And third, partnerships help you develop your brand identity and allow you ways to showcase your novelty. Overall, partnerships can be a valuable asset for anyone looking to build a successful career on Twitch. In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know before embarking on your first partnership.

Preparing for Twitch Partnerships

Before reaching out to potential partners, you’ll need to have some elements in place:
  1. You should establish a consistent schedule for streaming and have a backlog of content that showcases the type of content you produce. This will help potential partners see that you’re serious about streaming and that you have a dedicated audience.
  1. You should focus on building a strong and engaged community. This will be very important to potential partners.
  1. You should focus on growing your social media presence and building a website or a blog that showcases your content, your schedule, and your community. This will make it easier for potential partners to learn more about you and your channel.
  1. You should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with a partnership, as well as a plan for how to make the most of it. This could include goals such as cross-promotion, co-streaming, or working on a content series with a partner.
It’s important to master your own brand and have some kind of audience before you start looking for partnerships. Shortform content is a great way to grow your brand. A strong personal brand sets you apart from others and makes you more attractive to potential partners. This means having a clear and consistent message, aesthetic, and tone on your channel, social media, and website. It's also important to have a good understanding of your target audience, and what they’re looking for in a streamer. This will help you tailor your content and messaging to better appeal to them. Furthermore, having an existing audience demonstrates that you have the ability to engage and grow a community. Potential partners will look for this, as it shows that you have the potential to bring new viewers to their channel as well.

The Right Way to Network

When approaching other streamers about a partnership, it's important to be professional and respectful. Start by reaching out to them through their social media or through the contact form on their website or Twitch page. Introduce yourself and explain why you think a partnership would be beneficial for both of you. Provide information about your audience and your content, and be sure to include links to your own channel or website. Make sure to also express your willingness to collaborate, co-stream, and/or cross-promote. Be mindful of their schedule, and try not to be too pushy or persistent.
Not every partnership will work out, so you’ll have to be able to accept a “no” and move on quickly. Remember that building a partnership is a two-way street, and it's important to respect the other person's time and decision. Some streamers may have valid reasons for declining partnerships, such as not wanting to change their content or wanting to focus on their own growth. So don’t take it personally. Instead, focus on finding potential partners who are a better fit for your channel. And remember that partnerships are not the only way to grow on Twitch. Building a strong community and engaging with your audience can also be effective. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket — always have a backup plan for growing your channel.

Picking the Right Twitch Stream Partners

When you’re selecting the right streamers to partner with, analyzing their audience fit is key. You want to find streamers whose audiences are similar to yours or whose content complements yours.. This will increase the chances of your partnership being successful and reaching a wider audience. To analyze audience fit, you can look at the demographics of their viewers, the games or topics they stream, and the type of content they produce. You can also look at a streamer’s engagement with their audience, and their overall community-building efforts. This will give you a sense of how invested they are in their audience and how well they connect with them. It's important to also consider their community guidelines and policies, to make sure that they align with your values and standards. Finally, be sure to check out their past partnerships and collaborations, to get an idea of the type of content they have produced in the past.
When looking for partnerships, it's also wise to avoid streamers with known drama, as well as streamers who have a history of causing problems within the community — their actions may reflect poorly on you and your channel. Some examples of drama include harassment, hate speech, and breaking community guidelines. You should also avoid streamers who have a history of scamming or exploiting their audience. These streamers may be more interested in making money than in building a community, and their actions may harm your reputation as well.
Also avoid streamers who have a reputation for being toxic or unfriendly. These streamers may have a negative impact on your community and may not be a good fit for a partnership.
In short, not all partnerships will be beneficial. When you’re evaluating a potential partner, knowing which ones should be avoided will help youensure that your partnership is a positive and productive experience for both you and your audience.

Setting Your Expectations for the Partnership

When you enter into a partnership, you’ll want to have clear expectations for the outcome. A partnership can bring new viewers to your channel, but then it's your responsibility to retain those viewers. A partnership is not a guarantee for success; it's a tool to help you grow your channel. To retain new viewers, you should focus on providing quality content that’s tailored to their interests and engaging with them through your community. Building a strong relationship with your viewers is crucial for retaining them.
Also remember that while a partnership can bring in new viewers, it may not bring in as many viewers as you expect, so it's important to have a plan in place that includes other ways to continue growing your channel.

Making the Most of a Partnership on Twitch

Making the most of a streamer partnership involves promoting the partnership beforehand on social media and actively sharing content from each channel. This will help to build excitement among both of your audiences and increase the chances of the partnership being successful.
Promotion on social media can include creating a dedicated hashtag for the partnership, doing a joint giveaway, or doing a joint live stream. This will help to increase visibility for the partnership and create buzz among your audiences. In addition, actively sharing content from each channel can help to expand your reach and bring in new viewers. This can include cross-promotion on social media, co-streaming on Twitch, or creating a joint series of content. By sharing content from each channel, you can reach new audiences and introduce them to your channel and your content.
It's also a good idea to actively engage with each other's communities, by participating in each other's chats and commenting on each other's videos. This will help to build a sense of community among your audiences and make the partnership more successful.
In summary, making the most of a streamer partnership involves promoting the partnership on social media, sharing content from each channel, and actively engaging with each other's communities. By doing this, you can increase the visibility of the partnership and reach new audiences, which can help make the partnership more successful — and help make all the work you’ve put into it more worthwhile. ‍
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