The New Tangia Referral Program: 5% Bonus For A Year

The New Tangia Referral Program: 5% Bonus For A Year

Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman

November 21, 2022

We’re constantly trying to make Tangia a better tool for creators, and we think that the more creators interacting with their viewers, the better for everyone.
We introduced our original referral program to reward streamers for spreading the word about Tangia. That program gave $20 to the referrer for each referral that reached $100 in payouts.
While this led to people making an extra $20 here and there ($100 in payouts doesn’t take very long), we could do more to thank streamers for the introduction, so we changed that.
Our new referral program gives streamers 5% of the interactions sent to a referral for a whole year. For 365 days, you get 5% of everything that all of your referrals get. No cap, no limits.
We take this 5% out of our 20%, so the referral doesn’t earn any less because they were referred, it’s a straight bonus from us to the referrer.

How do I refer someone?

You can have someone register using the link on the referrals page of the dashboard.
If they end up registering on another device, just have them login on the original one within an hour of registering, or shoot us an email or message on Discord and we’ll backfill it for you 🙂 ‍
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