Tangia TTS Studio: Create a custom TTS in 5 minutes

Tangia TTS Studio: Create a custom TTS in 5 minutes

Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman

February 20, 2023

For the past few months, we’ve had a somewhat secret internal program where we’ve made custom TTS voices for creators that champion Tangia on stream and in their communities.
Today, we release that to the world. You can visit https://app.tangia.co/app/tts-studio, record a 4-minute script reading, and have your own custom TTS in seconds.
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Right now we only support a US-english accent, but soon we will open the automated system to other accents as we improve! If you have another accent just shoot us a message and we can manually make your TTS too!

AI + Your Voice = Hilarious

Riding the wave of groundbreaking AI, we can now turn your voice into a custom TTS that your chat can use on stream:
While we could drown you in more hilarious clips from chat using the streamer's voice against them, we’ll let you discover your own as you add it to your own stream 😉

Filters to make it more fun

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To accompany the custom TTS, you can modify the final audio generation.
Inner Thoughts: Add a harp chord, echo, and reverb to the TTS. Makes it sound like you are thinking the TTS!
Phone Call: Plays a ring tone and lowers the bitrate of the TTS, makes the TTS sound like you are calling the streamer!
In addition to these filters, we also have some fun knobs including pitch, speed, and volume. Feel free to make yourself sound like satan or a chipmunk with those 😄 ‍
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