Is it a Dalì? Is it a Picasso? No! It’s New Tangia Features!

Alex Pickett
Alex Pickett

October 30, 2022

With this latest feature release on Tangia, we are turning your viewers into artists by making your stream their canvas. With Draw on Stream and Send a Doodle, viewers can engage and express themselves in a truly unique way. That’s right! Your viewers can now draw on your stream or send in their wonderful doodles!

Draw on Stream

Draw on Stream allows viewers to draw on your stream overlay for 10 seconds; once their masterpiece is completed, they can purchase the interactions, and the drawing will be replayed on your stream for all to see. Draw on Stream allows for some really creative and funny doodles that truly let viewers feel your stream. Want to set up Draw on Stream for your stream? You can learn more here!
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Send a Doodle

Send a Doodle allows viewers to draw for 10 seconds and send a smaller drawing that doesn't cover your screen, but rather on the smaller spot overlay. Want to set up Send a Doodle for your stream? You can learn more here!
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Some Site Updates If you haven’t logged into Tangia recently, you may have missed that we shifted to a dark mode theme! So no more flashbangs on stream. The new site is much easier on the eyes!
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‍ We also made a lot of quality-of-life tweaks to make navigating the site easier, and to make getting started a piece of cake!
We have a lot more fun and helpful things in development, so stick around! I promise our next update will be even better than our last! ‍
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