Introducing Tangia x T.I.T.S. - New Integration

Introducing Tangia x T.I.T.S. - New Integration

Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman

January 23, 2023

‍At Tangia we’re constantly searching for way to help streamers engage with chat.
Today we’re excited to announce an integration with T.I.T.S. (Twitch-Integrated Throwing System) to add the next wave of Tangia interactions.
With a simple setup, you can connect Tangia and T.I.T.S. to streamline throw and trigger purchases.

The power of Tangia behind T.I.T.S.

T.I.T.S. is well known as a loved tool by many streamers, and rightfully so.
With T.I.T.S., viewers can throw virtual 3D objects at the creator on stream. They can do so via Channel Points on Twitch, and through bit redeem/donation values as well on the supported platforms.
Before the Tangia integration, streamers had systems that looked like this in their bio:
T.I.T.S. REDEEMS: 250 bits: throw 10 apples 251 bits: throw 30 bananas 252 bits: throw bikes, cans, and burgers … and many more
This system was less than ideal for both the streamer and chat, and was painful to maintain for the developers as each streaming platform had a vastly different integrations and limitations.
Tangia is a platform-agnostic interactive streaming tool that enables chat to send various interactions to streamers.
Through our dedicated interaction page and our Twitch Extension, streamers can now create specific interactions for the kinds of T.I.T.S. throws they want, without worrying about integrating with a specific streaming platform or creating a cacophony of donation listings.
Now the T.I.T.S. developers can offload the monetization to Tangia, and focus on making T.I.T.S. even better!
Streaming with T.I.T.S.? No matter where you stream, seamlessly monetize your throws today with Tangia and T.I.T.S.You can follow this guide to get started! ‍
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