Introducing Tangia Sound Bites

Introducing Tangia Sound Bites

Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman

January 30, 2023

Tangia Sound Bites enables your chat to take clips from your Twitch stream and turn them into sound alerts that they can send as Tangia interactions in just a few clicks.
There’s no denying that Blerp and Sound Alerts are fun, but ask any streamer who uses them what the most played ones are and you get the same answer: It’s something that they said on stream. The current process for getting sound clips from the stream on to these tools for chat to use is a bit tedious. You have to:
  1. Get the audio file from either a clip or stream (hard)
  1. Split the audio from the video (med)
  1. Trim and edit the audio to get only the part you want (med, need software for that)
  1. Have either the streamer or a mod upload the sound file (easy, but tedious)
This process could obviously use lots of streamlining, and we’ve done just that.

Creating a Tangia Sound Bite

Creating a Tangia sound bite is done in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Create or Choose a Twitch clip

All you need is a Twitch clip URL! It can either be one you just created, or one from a previous stream.

Step 2: Trim the clip

notion image
Look for the white “Create Sound Bite” button in the top right of a streamer’s Tangia page, and drop a link into the prompt.
Right in the browser you can trim the clip and give it a name:
notion image

Step 3: Share on stream!

Once you hit “Continue”, it still be instantly available as an interaction to play on stream:
notion image
We also have support for moderating sound bite creation, so if you want to personally or have your channel mods review the sound bites before they are made into interactions, you can do that too. Sound bites are only able to be created out of clips from your stream, so nobody can use clips from another stream or vice-versa.

Setup Sound Bites for your stream

By default we have sound bites disabled as we understand how streamers and their chats use it. You can go ahead an enable them now in your settings:
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