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Custom & AI TTS
Make an hyper-realistic custom TTS of your own voice for chat to send.
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Overlay memes
Your favorite memes, in the perfect moment. Overlay memes are the full video, because just sound is lame.
AI Image Gen
Partners get a custom AI image generation model that chat can use on stream! What will they make you do?
Tiktok Share
Let your viewers share their favorite TikToks on stream!
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Sound Bites
Let viewers take sound from your Twitch Clips, and replay them on stream as a sound alert!
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Let viewers give you god armor, put you in a fight-club with waves of zombies, or send you flying with only a water bucket to save yourself.

Chat is in control now.

Interactions for every

Peepo Note Taker
Peepo Note Taker
Peepo takes very important notes on stream
Plankton TTS
Plankton TTS
Let Planton shout your message at the streamer
Bluescreen the stream and litter it with windows errors
Draw on stream
Draw on stream
Draw on the stream, their face, who knows...
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Tangia works with any streaming software that has the browser source, so you can stream with Tangia anywhere.
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How it works

Create your account
Create your account
Login with your Twitch or Youtube account
Connect Tangia to your stream
Connect Tangia to your stream
Sync the Tangia overlay with the stream tool you use
Start engaging
Start engaging
Viewers send interactions through Tangia or the Twitch extension

Your Tangia page

Customize your page with unique interactions for your viewers to send
Your Tangia page

...and extension!

Let viewers send you interactions from without leaving the streaming page
...and extension!
chaos goal

Tangia Parties!

Set a Bits & Token goal that starts a dance party when reached

The higher the level, the crazier the party!

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Streamers of all sizes use Tangia to make highly engaging streams.
“No other app has engaged my community quite like Tangia. Alongside quick & easy integration, unmatched support, and a frankly amazing catalogue of memes & tools at my community’s disposal, I now have to live in constant fear of what they’ll come up with next.”
“Tangia is great for engagement. It has brought joy and entertainment for my streams. an excellent way to interact with people! with the ability to customize your interactions and set up your very own TTS, I would definitely recommend using it.”
“The turnaround time on this stuff has been breathtaking, this feels like it's "always" been part of the stream but in a much easier to access form.”
“The site is so easy to customize and has such a huge variety of interactions that my only feedback is that it's fantastic... so far it's just pure joy and fun (and geez it definitely can turn a few bucks)”
“Getting interaction with the chat and the community has brought a whole new fun aspect to Minecraft... Shoutout to Tangia for making this game fun again.”
“As a newer streamer, Tangia kind of became my secret weapon. It was super easy to set up the interactions to use channel points or bits, and they've grown to be something my community looks forward to using (constantly)”
“My community really enjoys all the memes and my custom TTS voice. Tangia's Staff are very accommodating to requests and I have never had a better experience using an app like this!”
“Hey, if you want a single source in OBS that has a ton of overlay and tts options for redeems without bogging down your system, Tangia is a great option for that.”
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