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The most advanced AI TTS

Don't worry, we have Brian too


Your own voice, now a TTS

Use the Tangia TTS Studio to turn your voice into a hyper-realistic TTS in minutes


A massive voice library

Use one of our 150+ hand-crafted TTS voices on your stream instantly

Chat asks, AI Answers

Create the most spontaneous moments on stream with AI conversations


Chat with AI characters

Whether you're discussing the meaning of life, or dunking on your streamer for losing again, our AI cast is always down to talk


Create a custom AI persona

Give your custom TTS personality by adding an AI persona that chat can engage with

Thousands of memes at your fingertips

Because there's always the perfect meme for every moment


A curated library of thousand of memes out of the box


Share and add to the community, while earning a bonus

Soundbites: What did they saaaaay?

Let chat submit clips from your stream to turn into playable soundbite interactions

(Don't worry, they have to be approved first)

Step 1

Chat grabs a Twitch clip from your stream, and trims it right in the extension or viewer page

Step 2

You (or a mod) approves the Soundbite, and is instantly added as an interaction anyone can send


Image Gen: Let chat's imagination soar

Turn chat's imagination into imagery

Step 1

Chat sends an image gen interaction from the extension or viewer page

Step 2

The image is played on stream, with the prompt read by TTS

The classics, made better by Tangia


Better Alerts

Trigger TTS messages, interactions, videos or any other Tangia feature when you create alerts with Tangia


Better Media Share

Focus on the media with support for multiple platforms, mod access, and an actual trimmer (because wtf is this media math bs?). We Support clips from:


Get more out of Tangia with the TangiaPass


Subscriber Discounts

Trigger TTS messages, interactions, videos or any other Tangia feature when you create alerts with Tangia


Extra Custom TTS Slots

Give a discount on interactions to your Twitch subs


Share interactions and earn REP

Share your custom interactions with the community, and earn REP any time one is used


Affiliate & Partner Status

Early access to features and events for Affiliates and Partners, and an IRL trophy too :)


Tangia Parties

Set a Bit/Token goal that starts a dance party when reached

Use Tangia with your favorite tools
Tangia works with any streaming software that has a browser source, so you can stream with Tangia anywhere
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